Who We Are?

Our Mission

We find Highly Skilled People to assist your Company reach the ultimate Goal

We are proud to be the first Finance Specialist Recruitment Agency in Namibia. Our area of specialty is in Finance and we are able to source and screen the top candidates in this field. 

In your dealing with FinRec Namibia you will find our values are built on integrity and confidentiality. 

We aim to provide you quality personnel who have been vetted and screened to fit into your unique environment.  

Our consultants bring the best practices and experience from working in diverse environments such as Namibia, South Africa, Egypt and the UK.  

Our Quality Assurance

We have an unbeatable three step process to make you sure the best Candidates are interviewed by you.

  • All Our Candidates are Screened for proper Qualifications and Referenced Experience
  • Those that make the Cut, is interviewed by us
  •  Those we choose for the final round will be first given Psychometric evaluations and will be screen tested to ensure only those with the right mental agility applies.

They are screened, tested and interviewed to give you the best options the Finance Industry has to offer. 

We set the bar high, because we believe we have only the best candidates to offer 

Our Core Values

We trust our people to assist your Company achieve the highest quality of operation .

  • Integrity
  • Industry
  • Innovation
  • Confidentiality